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Mus Bat House by Estudio Estres

Bats need home too. So the Estudio Estres took care of building a cozy bird-like house that is hung upside down for the comfort of a bat. Mus can be hung on the tree in the garden just in case a bat will be flying by.

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The designers from Estudio Estres have created a Mus bat house for…bats. The little house-shaped design features a bat-shaped entrance and suspended on leather straps hanging upside down. Luxurious, considering that bats often prefer damp dark caves.

Mus Bat House by Estudio Estres

Mus the most symbolic contribution of the proposal pursues awaking new consciences on animal life preservation. Mus as an ornamental object, recreates an upside down jail and represents the bats’ lost homes. An animal that has been vilipended by man, with a fundamental role in our environment and hitherto a terribly endangered species.

Mus is more suited for birds but nevertheless can be hung in a garden just in case a bat will be flying by and decides to stop for rest. What do you think about  Mus bat house?

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