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Mosaic Wood by Elisa Strozyk

Wood is perceived as hard and sturdy material though designers prove it wrong from time to time. Elisa Strozyk has found a new way of showing the wood's softer side. Designer's striking wood creations include textiles, rugs and carpets.

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Designer Elisa Strozyk creates beautiful wooden designs that use wood in a different very creative way making it look more like mosaic and textiles. Elisa Strozyk not only makes furniture and lighting out of wood but she has also created a series of carpets, rugs and textiles out of it.

Mosaic Wood by Elisa Strozyk

Masterfully blending hard wood and soft textiles together Elisa Strozyk creates unique designs. Carpets, rugs and textiles come in beautiful and colorful mosaic patterns and sometimes fringe decoration. A new way to experience wood.

Elisa Strozyk makes striking furniture pieces bringing mosaic textile wood elements into cabinets and seats. Accordion Collection includes a cabinet and a pendant lamp that feature accordion-like folds. Beautiful. What do you think?

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