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Modern Pendulum Wall Clock by Nuno Teixeira

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Nuno Teixeira has designed a concept of modern Pendulum Wall Clock that works with help of a magnet mechanism. Stylish and simple this concept makes for an eye-catchy modern version of the traditional living room clock.

Modern Pendulum Wall Clock by Nuno Teixeira

The Pendulum Wall Clock concept consists of two hands and a pendulum equiped with LED lights that make hands and pendulum stand out against the wall. The design is sleek and simple. Thanks to that and the magnetic mechanism the closk is also lightweight.

Modern Pendulum Wall Clock also occupies little space and it hangs on the wall which helps save space in small homes. It looks decorative and stylish thanks to minimalist and considerate design.

Stylish Pendulum Wall Clock:

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  1. Diana Frank Says:

    Hawllo, bitte um Info, wo wir die Pendulum-Uhr kaufen können und was diese kostet. Vielen Dank + Grüße sendet D. Frank

  2. Betim Says:

    bitte um Info wo ich die Uhr kaufen kann???

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