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Living Table By Habitat Horticulture Features Plant-Friendly Design

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Just recently we wrote about the plant-friendly furniture designs and now we discovered the Living Table, a coffee table with a planter designed by Habitat Horticulture.  The Living Table is an amazing idea of combining a planter with a piece of furniture. Its clear glass tabletop allows enjoying the greenery while also protects the plants from damage.

Plant-Friendly Living Table

Living Table By Habitat Horticulture Features Plant-Friendly Design

Specializing on green walls and living design Habitat Horticulture created a coffee table that feature sub irrigation system that allows skipping the drainage and is made in a variety of colors out of stainless steel and wood in San Francisco.

The small tables feature the planter under the clear glass tabletop that allow growing small plants into a mini home garden. The irrigation system keeps the balance of moisture and air so it also doesn’t require high maintenance.

Living Table By Habitat Horticulture Features Plant-Friendly Design

The tables are great for small-spaced urban homes as they bring not only greenery to the house but also the variety. Take a look at the picture below. It seems like a real garden downsized and placed under the glass.

The glass tabletop is a rather fortunate design solution as the soil stays out of reach covered with the greenery and the glass alike.

Living Table By Habitat Horticulture Features Plant-Friendly Design

The Living Table comes in a variety of finishes like walnut, maple, oak, and also a range of colors including white, red, black, blue, orange, and stainless (gray). The tables can come unplanted or you can choose one from the two options – a spike moss and wood fern and a succulent mix. Each plant palette comes with a 60 day plant warranty.

To maintain your mini garden in a coffee table just pour water into tubing. The water will spread through a system and keep the soil moist and plants feed.

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