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Lighter Than White Porcelain by Heinrich Wang

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Lighter Than White is an amazing collection of porcelain created by Heinrich Wang of NewChi. Using a new and fresh approach to making porcelain Heinrich Wang has created unique porcelain sets that look modern futuristic even.

Amazing Modern Porcelain:

Lighter Than White Porcelain Collection by Heinrich Wang

The Flying High and Free set above is simply beautiful. It features rounded forms and unconventional intricate handles that are detached from one side from the teapot and cup and raised in the air which gives the set its apt name.

Lighter Than White Porcelain Collection by Heinrich Wang

The Ballet set looks rather futuristic as it has items balancing on the pointed bottoms and handles. The NewChi porcelain features many different unconventional shapes and forms which makes it new and fresh. The collection can be seen at La Triennale di Milano, 17th-22nd April 2012.

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