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Learn How to Fit 2 Years of Trash Into Mason Jar

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Meet Lauren Singer, a woman who can produce just a Mason jar worth of trash in two years. With her zero-waste life approach more and more people get inspired to minimize their impact on our planet. People are talking a lot about climate change lately and that’s great but the amount of trash we keep producing everyday is simply ludicrous. On average a single person produces 4.3 pounds of waste per day and most of it ends up in the ocean. Plastic is the worst type of trash and there is a lot of it.

Maison jar of trash

What Lauren suggests is buying food in bulk and making your own cleaning and cosmetic products. She also urges people to buy dishes and other things made out of glass, wood, or steel instead of plastic.

In her blog Trash is for Tossers Lauren offers zero waste alternatives to everyday products like razors, hygiene products, and shopping bags. The idea is to reuse these everyday essentials and eliminate any disposable packaging from your life.

This approach got her down to such a little amount of trash that she could fit it into a Mason jar.

And while this is a great approach we’d like to see it enforced on a much bigger scale like in Scotland where free plastic bags were banned and offered at 5 pence to the customers 80% of which refused to use them. The initiative helped spare 650 million bags for the landfills across the country.

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