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Leaf Inspired Screen Pots

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These leaf-inspired screen flower pots have been designed by Francois Clerc for De Castelli. Made of steel the screen pots feature a leaf pattern that has been achieved with laser-cutting. The Screen-Pot comes in two sizes and colors.

Leaf Inspired Screen Pots

Screen-Pot is a restyling of the classical flower pot with grates for climbing plants. Thanks to the use of steel and laser cutting, this design has a graphic effect inspired by natural forms. Ideal as a divider, Screen-Pot provides a vegetal and portable shield, giving privacy and protection from the wind.

The Screen-Pot was designed to also function as screen providing privacy and shield against the wind. The plant pots can be used indoors as they have a very pleasant  aesthetic but they can also be used outdoors on the porch, deck or patio.

The specifically considered design of the Screen-Pots provides support for climbing plants which increase privacy when the screens are used for that. It is a great hybrid of things that make interior as well as the outdoors beautiful.

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