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Kopia Modular Tableware by István Böjte

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Kopia modular tableware designed by István Böjte was inspired by an old Hungarian ritual. Kopia tableware series is made of porcelain and cork. Beautiful forms and shapes of the containers make them beautiful and decorative display objects.

Symbolic Modular Tableware:

Kopia Modular Tableware by István Böjte

Kopia is a modular tableware family made in porcelain and cork, inspired by an ancient Hungarian ritual of 18th century: The Kopjafa was a wooden obelisk made not only to celebrate a funeral ceremony but to commemorate the life of a departed person as well, through geometric symbols that used to describe the sex, the character, the profession, the age (etc.) of such person.
Only later on, The Kopjafa has become a public object to celebrate a national event, an anniversary or an historical date.

Kopia tableware can be used as vases as they come in different sizes and patterns and can be stacked to create a taller container. They can be also grouped and arranged differently to be used as fine display objects.

Kopia Modular Tableware by István Böjte

Kopia Modular Tableware by István Böjte

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