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Kitchen Of The Future Has It All Including A Descending Sink

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Designed by Marmo Arredo and Tipic the Tulèr is a beautiful concept of a futuristic kitchen that not only can charge your phone but also weigh your food and disguise the sink as part of its countertop. Showcased at Eurocucina Tulèr impressed not only with its tech but also unconventional look. The black grey stone countertop rests on a single column-stand and two metallic easels. Its irregular shape provides space for not only slicing and dicing but also cooking with an integrated induction panel.

Futuristic Kitchen Island Full of Tech

Tuler kitchen

There are no plans to put Tulèr on the market, but the kitchen makers will surely borrow a feature or two for their future designs. With this single island you won’t need much of anything else in the kitchen. It’s sleek and multifunctional, add a couple of shelves and cabinets and the ultra-modern kitchen’s ready. What do you think?

Descending sink

Sink is descending and ascending with help of a button and lateral motion control for water supply

Hot plate

Integrated cooking panel

Kitchen scale

Hidden kitchen scale

Kitchen countertop charger

Wireless charging bay

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