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Interesting Design: Felt Pebble Cushions

Ronel Jordaan has come up with the idea of introducing pebbles into interior design. Her felt stone seats, pillows and rugs imitate those nice rounded rocks perfectly mimicking both shape and texture.

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Ah, these pebbles are as sweet to the eye as they are soft. Designed by Ronel Jordaan these handcrafted pebble cusions are simply beautiful. Being a textile designer Ronel Jordaan has learned her way around felt and has created a series of pebble cushions and furniture for indoor and outdoor use.

Interesting Design: Felt Pebble Cushions

These woolen felted stones that can be used as seats and cushions as they come in various sizes are very interesting. The pebble and stone texture recreated with felt make them look real but due to the materials they are soft. The outdoor felt pebbles are treated with resin and can definitely add a nice touch to it.

Interesting Design: Felt Pebble Cushions

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  1. Shoonagh Hubble Says:

    Where in Europe can I get these felt pebbles from?

  2. Ari Says:

    Where on earth can I get these pillows???

  3. Rebata Says:

    I would like to buy the pillows – where can I get them and what is the price ?

  4. esfir Says:

    I would like to buy the pillows – where can I get them and what is the price ?
    if you can transfer to Israel?

  5. Lilian Says:

    Good morning, I would like to buy these pillows- pebbles. Where can I find them and in which price? What sizes?

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