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Biological Concrete For Green Facades

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Biological concrete developed by Structural Technology Group of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) supports the microbiological life for greener facades. This patented three layer concrete allows and supports the growth of such bio organisms as microalgae, fungi, mosses, and lichens, which can not only give the building a green look but also improve its thermal conditions and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Biological Concrete

Biological Concrete For Green Facades

Consisting of a waterproof base the bio concrete features two more layers, one providing conditions for organisms to grow while the outer layer captures the rainwater and retains it.

When thinking about green facades the vertical gardens come to mind but the researchers says that what sets the bio concrete apart from other systems such as the vertical gardens is that it is an integral part of the building or facade. There is no need for containers for plant growth as the concrete itself helps them grow. Although other types of plants are prevented from bio concrete as they can ruin or compromise the structure of the building due to rooting system.

The bio concrete can be used in various areas from facades to gardens as its surface can be finished with different color and finishes rather than a uniform living coating.

Biological Concrete For Green Facades

Though the bio concrete is yet in a research phase and yet to be commercialized, the patent for the concept is in the process and there is an interest in producing the bio concrete. Meanwhile the researchers are looking for a way to accelerate the natural growth of the organisms so that it took less than a year to get a green facade.

This an interesting innovative concept that definitely has its advantages over a vertical garden. The colonization of mosses and lichens as well as other bio organisms can be designed and there is no additional installation process needed.

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