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Haiko Cornelissen picNYC Table

Urban dwellers often long for greenery and natural sights so the designers try to combine functional design with a green solution which will add some nature to the city home. Haiko Cornelissen grass covered picNYC Table makes picnics possible more often than usual.

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Haiko Cornelissen picNYC table makes every meal a picnic. Made of aluminum frame, soil and stones the table allows growing real grass. Dutch architect Haiko Cornelissen of Haiko Cornelissen Architecten has designed a unique dinner table that brings nature into the home.

Haiko Cornelissen picNYC Table

The grass that covers the surface of the picNYC table is be trimmed and watered by owner. However the grass can be replaced with herbs, vegetables or flowers. picNYC Table is a great green solution for urban homes where there isn’t any land and soil for gardening and yard lawns.

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