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Gabion Table by Benjamin Hubert

Gabion Table is yet another design from Benjamin Hubert. An unconventional pedestal table with an undisguised ballast made of granite spheres looks completely fresh and charming.

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Gabion Table designed by Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada has a very special appeal. The base of Gabion table is made in a form of metal cage filled with ballast to create balance. The ballast is made from number of granite spheres that add a special appeal to the table.

Gabion Table by Benjamin Hubert

A pedestal dining table with a metal cage base containing the ballast that creates the structures stability.

Subverting the idea of traditionally hiding ballast in pedestal tables, most commonly sandbags, the dining table utilises an overt granite ballast as its focal point within a steel frame with ash surface.

Gabion Table by Benjamin Hubert

Gabion Table has a cool and bold design. It is both fresh and aesthetically pleasing as well as it is completely functional. It is a great example of applying design aesthetics to even small mechanism as ballast. What do you think?

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