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Futuristic Odyssey Lounge Chair

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Futuristic Odyssey Lounge Chair designed by Alvin Huang is a cool ergonomic seating that definitely makes a statement. The chair has an interesting design which is both geometric and rounded. Its body features cut outs which makes it look even more futuristic.

Futuristic Odyssey Lounge Chair

Odyssey Lounge Chair is one of those statement pieces that catch the eye immediately. It is also quite big and would fit well into the modern style decor. This is also the first design by Alvin Huang for his own design studio Alvin Huang Design, which was established in 2011.

Odyssey is a continuation of his futuristic style. Having an experience in industrial design and car design Alvin Huang brings it into his own works.

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  1. Mandy Says:

    wow, this is really great for Hotels/Resorts! Would love to try on this chair if come across one in hotels! Nice futuristic chair!

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