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Furniture Made of Skateboards by Deckstool

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Deckstool is a company that recycles old broken skateboards by making furniture out of them. Deckstool has its own recycling program that helps recycle broken decks and turn them into interesting stools. Using various parts of broken skateboards Deckstool creates seats and legs for future stools and benches.

Furniture Made of Skateboards by Deckstool

The stools vary in design and come with original drawings that were scratched during the use of the decks but nevertheless look very urban and eye-catchy. There are also designs that come with a cushion made in shape of the stool seat.

Collecting the broken skateboards from shops Deckstool helps them raise money and support the skating causes. Recycling becomes more and more a pressing issue and Deckstool has approached it creatively. The stools can be purchased through the Deckstool Etsy shop.

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