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Funky Spoon Table Keeps Things From Falling

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This funky Spoon Table designed by Vasiliy Butenko keeps things from falling down due to its spoon-like shape. The design of this simple yet funky side table is meant to keep things intact so as not to let them fall to the floor. It’s functional and creative.

Funky Spoon Table Keep Things From Falling

Vasiliy Butenko has many interesting and funky furniture designs in his portfolio, for example, this Lobule plastic chair with a storage space under the seat and a comfy shape. Or, this egg table with storage space for books and magazines and a built-in light to function as lamp.

Funky Spoon Table Keep Things From Falling

Lobule chair

Butenko also creates interesting interior, lighting and product designs. This office interior design called Azure features unusual surfaces and decor featuring Butenko’s blue Sofa in peel. Amongst other furniture designs Blossom Chair stands out due to its unusual shape.

Funky Spoon Table Keep Things From Falling

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