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Fun Designs from DecorKuznetsov

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DecorKuznetsov creates some fun and bright designs. From lighting to pillows there are many eye-catchy pieces. The lighting pieces from Scarfty series come with bright knitted shades in floor and pendant versions. These look quite unusual because of the knitted shade cover and are really eye-drawing. Another fun item from the lighting collection is a Legolamp that was literally made out of the toy-constructor pieces.

Fun Designs from DecorKuznetsov

The two chests of drawers made of birch plywood and decorated with paintings look interesting and fresh. Inspired by the jungle theme the drawings depict insects and plants.

Fun Designs from DecorKuznetsov

The bright pillows are hand embroidered with various illustrations of people, plants and animals. The design studio also creates other products like chairs, sofas, tables, and drawers. Art objects and installations are also the studio’s sphere.

Fun Designs from DecorKuznetsov

The painted furniture pieces look interesting. These are great eye catchers and add to the home decor. The natural finish of plywood nicely contrasts with outline drawings as well as the black filling.

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