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FluidStance’s Platform Makes You Move At Standing Desk

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Standing desks are getting popular by the day as more and more evidence shows the negative impact of prolonged sitting. And, unfortunately, many people including me feel the real consequences of it. Muscle imbalance, numbness and posture problems are just a few symptoms of sitting syndrome. And health complications can be a lot worse. So standing desks make sense although prolonged standing has its own complications. And that’s where Fluidstance CEO and founder Joel Heath took issue with the standing desks as it took toll on his hip and knee joints. This has pushed him to create a Level platform that allows slight movement during work.

FluidStance’s Level Platform Lets You Float At Standing Desk

FluidStance Level platform

While some went as far as installing a treadmill to walk on while working at their standing desk, Heath went for a more lightweight and budget-friendly solution. A floating platform that allows your joints move around while you stand taking pressure off of them and adding a bit of physical activity to your day.

platform deck

It’s not the same as treadmill, of course, but the platform is said to increase heart rate by 15% in comparison to sitting, which is great especially considering all the other benefits of standing and movement.

You can use it on almost any type of flooring though the company recommends to use protective mats to prevent signs of the constant moving platform.

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