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Fairy Tale-Like Daydream Lamps by Tomomi Sayuda

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Daydream is a series of fairy tale-like pendant lamps created by designer Tomomi Sayuda. Specializing in design, arts and crafts Tomomi Sayuda has created beautiful lamps using Japanese handwoven paper.

Fairy Tale-Like Daydream Lamps by Tomomi Sayuda

Daydream lamps that were inspired by the blooming spring flowers look bright and colorful. Paper petals layered into spherical shapes really remind of flower buds.

Airy vibrant Daydream lamps look like flowers from a drawn fairy tale brought to life. They are not only perfect bright accents to the decor but can as well become a focal point in the room thanks to the layered texture. They would also look great in the kids room. Playful and bright!

Colorful Daydream Lamps

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