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Eye-Catchy Geometria Door Handle

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Geometria door handle designed by Simon Stojanovski is an eye-catchy door accessory with interesting form and design. The Geometria door handle is a stylish accessory for a modern door. It can be customized as it comes in disassembling parts of various materials and colors that can be assembled into different variations.

Eye-Catchy Geometria Door Handle

With such handle your room door will definitely stand out. The color options available are black and steel, wood and steel and multicolor (red, orange and yellow). The triangle shapes look unusual and stylish in black and steel variations while the colorful handles look bold and bright.

Simon Stojanovski works to mix creativity and elegance together while also considering function, beauty and innovation. The designer also acknowledges the aesthetic and function attributed to simplicity. Simon Stojanovski specializes on architecture, interior and industrial design.

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  1. Nadim Says:

    hello! how can i order or get these handles?

  2. R gilmour Says:

    How much are the handles black classic

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