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Enter Fairytale: The Patient Gardener

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The Patient Gardener is a project that resulted from workshop conducted by Visiondivision at the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. The Patinet gardener is an eco-friendly natural arbor made from Japanese cherry trees bent with the help of special structure and ropes that connect the trees into a two level arbor.

Enter Fairytale: The Patient Gardener

The concept of The Patient Gardener arbor is in eco-friendly patient design that prompts waste-free production. The arbor has a fairytale-like design with ladders, curved tree trunks and delicate pink blossoms of ten Japanese cherry trees. The project is a long-term design task that will be managed by students at Politecnico di Milano. The Patient Gardener is going to be controlled and maintained but the key of its concept is to let the nature itself grow into an eco-friendly structure.

Since the project is long-term it does not imply instant results. The instructions for care and maintenance of the arbor will be passed from gardeners to gardeners till the project will be fully completed in 60-80 years.

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