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Drapery Table Collection by Nathan Young

Creative objects may add a unique touch to the home decor making for an eye catchy accent. Drapery Tables by Nathan Young are both functional and creative and will definitely draw attention and make for a unique decor.

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Nathan Young has designed beautiful Drapery Tables for Sphaus. The tables feature creative and unusual base. The creative tables of the collection come in various sizes and colors. The base of the tables is made of 8mm steel rod powder-coated in black and white, as well as blue and yellow and made in shape of stage curtain.

Drapery Table Collection by Nathan Young

The silhouette Drapery Table is sleek yet intricate and interesting. The tabletop is made of crystal framed with same steel rod that make the base. Imitating the theatrical drapery Nathan Young’s creations can definitely add drama and detail to the home decor drawing attention and making one want to look at it again and again.

Drapery Table Collection by Nathan Young

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