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Dads Cooking Placemats From JDWilks

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JDWilks has designed these unusual placemats called Dads Cooking. The placemats feature depictions of tools on them. Made of cork base and wipe-clean surface the plaid placemats feature various tools including the classic fork and knife set on them.

Dads Cooking Placemats From JDWilks

From designers:

Dads Cooking is a tongue-in-cheek design with the question: “who needs which implement to eat dinner tonight?” Will it be the simple knife & fork or the hammer & hacksaw? Set over a muted classic green and black plaid background this design adds a fresh and stylish touch to any modern living space.

Dads Cooking Placemats From JDWilks

Dads Cooking placemats come in set of four and will definitely add a fresh touch to the table. What do you think about such unusual placemats? Look appetizing?

Dads Cooking Placemats From JDWilks

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