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Cushion Planter Pots From Libel

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Specializing on innovation Libel has created these cushion planter pots that look both cozy and unusual. This simple design is both surprising and cozy. Made of quality fabrics Libel cushion planter pots will add warmth to the decor. These planter pots can also make great accents in the design.

Cushion Planter Pots From Libel

Cushion planter pots come in different collections featuring fabrics of various colors. The bottom of the cushions are made of waterproof fabrics and a removable container and cover for easy cleaning. The cozy planters can be used in the living room and anywhere indoors.

Cushion Planter Pots From Libel

Cushioned plants and flowers look incredibly sweet. The planters look almost as if they grow from the cushions themselves. What do you think?

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