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Cupcake Furniture by Bretz

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Inspired by the cupcake pastry designer Carolin Fieber has created Cupcake furniture collection for Bretz. The Cupcake furniture collection consists of cozy comfy sofas and seats. The furniture is designed to offer a relaxing seating that will suit family gatherings, lone relaxing and conversations in circles.

Cupcake Furniture by Bretz

Description by Bretz:

It is round, gentle, yet a mind of its own: CUPCAKE. Already its name alludes to comforting, warm dough which is about to flow over while flagrantly leaving the oven.

The designer adapted the concept “hard bowl, soft core” to refine her initial idea. In this case the bowl constitutes a fundament covered by leather or fabric. It is decorated with colorful fancy seams leaving the seam either raw, without selvedge or traditionally closed. The soft, gentle core falls smoothly over the bowl. Covered by cuddly fabric or soft leather the huge pillows assemble to a dreamlike sofa idyll.

Since the armrest is the backrest at the same time, CUPCAKE can either be seated on in a communicative half-circle or counterpart.

The Cupcake seats can be customized. There are plenty options for corpus materials and buttons. Different fabrics, prints and colors can be chosen for individual Cupcake seats. The outer part of the Cupcake seat is made of harder material but the seat and back are made from puffy soft materials and fabrics.

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