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Collerette From Les M Design Studio

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Collerette is another product from Les M Design Studio that makes for a comfy seat and even more comfy footrest. Designed with similar approach as the studio’s Cocon Armchair Collerette seat/footrest has a built-in blanket to wrap into.

Collerette From Les M Design Studio

Once the blanket is rolled up the Collerette seat looks playful and cool, but then it could be used as a footrest with the blanket used to warmen up feet and rest of the body while sitting on a couch.

Collerette is both multifunctional and easy to store. Rolled blanket adds to the seat’s design and provides with warmth and comfort when it’s used as a footrest. Designed for Casamania Collerette comes in two different sizes.

Comfy & Playful Collerette

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