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Christian Lacroix Fabrics for Designers Guild

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Christian Lacroix fashion house has created a luxurious collection of fabrics specially for Designers Guild. Luxurious fabrics are rich in various prints and can be used in upholstery, curtains and elsewhere. Prints and patterns of fabrics vary in colors and tints. It’s also amazing how the very different prints are combined together for the showroom. Stripes and black floral print in an armchair is simply a gorgeous combination.

Christian Lacroix Fabrics for Designers Guild

The range of fabrics features Arles city schenes and the collection itself is called Arles fabrics. Multicolor floral and butterfly-themed fabric with main blue background is great for spring seasonal decor. The Christian Lacroix have a home accessories collection as well that come in featured fabrics.

The collection is truly luxurious and chic as everything Christian Lacroix. The fashion house was honored to make a collection for Designers Guild and bring in the Christian Lacroix aesthetic into home as well. Check out Christian Lacroix Arles fabrics collection and find out where to purchase at Designers Guild. They also feature home accessory collections from Ralph Lauren and Mulberry.

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