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Bunny Chair by Iskos-Berlin

The childhood's favorite toy is transformed into a comfy chair in a playful bunny shape. Iskos-Berlin has designed a comfortable chair taking the concept of a favorite toy and shaping it into a useful furniture item.

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Bunny Chair is the creation of Iskos-Berlin design studio that was designed combining a furniture piece with a concept of a favorite toy that gives us comfort when we are kids. The idea was to make a chair as comforting and soft as one’s childhood’s teddy bear or some other favorite toy.

Bunny Chair by Iskos-Berlin

Bunny is a wing chair that reinterprets the traditional design. Instead of the austere and stiff-backed companion in which our grandfathers used to retire to read the paper, Bunny is meant to be a loving friend – a great big cuddly toy, large enough to comfort an adult.
Bunny is playful and funny, sybaritic and sensual, but with a twist – bound and shaped by the rope drawn taut across its soft “body”.

The Bunny Chair design looks comfy and playful. The Iskos-Berlin‘s chair has a bunny shape and looks comfy. It comes in three colors gray, red, and purple. The rounded cushions make the shape recognizable and chair comfy.

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