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Brad Pitt Designs Collection Of Furniture

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Brad Pitt designs a collection of furniture in collaboration with Frank Pollaro. The actor’s furniture will be unveiled November 13-15 in New York and produced in limited numbered edition with pieces signed by both Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro.

Brad Pitt Designs Collection Of Furniture

The collection consists of around a dozen of items and includes a complex-structured double bed with two built-in night tables, a plastic molded chair, several coffee and cocktail tables with interesting creative bases and a marble bathtub for two.

Brad Pitt Designs Collection Of Furniture

Massive production though of certain collection pieces is still in question but the collection looks quite inspiring. The glass top table with a spiral gold base is a great Art Deco piece. The style can be seen in most of the designs with their luxury materials and interesting creative shapes.

What do you think about Brad Pitt’s furniture designs?

Brad Pitt’s Furniture Collection

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