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Bookbike Storage System by BYografia

Storage space is a pressing issue for small-spaced homes. And what to do when one needs to house such space-consuming thing as bicycle inside the home? BYografia is offering one of the ways to store your bike right next to the favorite books.

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Bookbike is a shelving structure that was designed by BYografia design studio for storing books and a bicycle. The space-saving bookshelf with a hook for a bicycle can be assembled and disassembled as well as fixed to the wall or stand free. The bicycle is hooked to the Bookbike shelf and hangs vertically occupying less space in a house.

Bookbike Storage System by BYografia

Bookbike features six shelves that can be used to store not only books but also bike accessories and other small stuff. The Bookbike storage system comes in chalk white and iron gray. Its shape and design is modern and simple and would easily fit into a modern home decor.

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