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Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura

What can be more comfy than a rocking chair? It's soothing and not motionless. Booai chair is a modern futuristic rocking chair by Mateusz Chmura that came off the concept art by Luiza Kwiatkowska.

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Booai Chair designed by Mateusz Chmura has an unusual shape and cushion. Based on the concept art by Luiza Kwiatkowska the Booai chair looks interesting and futuristic. It’s rounded lines contrast with sharp hand rests and sectioned cushion that outlines the chair but has its own shape rather than mimicking that of a chair‘s.

Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura

Booai futuristic chair would fit the modern interior decor and give it a nice futuristic touch. The white glossy surface nicely contrasts with the yellow perforated cushion that adds detail and texture to it. A great modern take on a rocking chair.

Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura

Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura

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