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Bonsoir Paris Melting Wood Sculptures

Wood is an amazing material. It is both beautiful and sturdy but it can also be very flexible. The designers continue exploring the wood properties and create absolutely amazing things like these melting wood sculptures by Bonsoir Paris.

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Bonsoir Paris is a French designer duo who has created beautiful wooden sculpture collection Duramen. Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari have created these amazing sculptures out of wood.

Bonsoir Paris Melting Wood Sculptures

DURAMEN is a series of handmade wooden sculptures. Born of a simple impulse, the one to break with conventional ways of exhibiting, Bonsoir Paris and its team have imagined a series of frames so strongly mistreated that they have become unrecognizable. Their wish is to break the properties of the compound, a form of compromise as minimal and it is efficient. They found a subtle twist while remaining faithful to a primitive form of revolt, without getting lost in vain styles effects. The choice of noble materials (Oak, Fir, Wenge, Pear, Linden) and the quest for finesse, enables them – with the DURAMEN series – to position themselves on the razor’s edge between two opposites, that of the deformed and that of the elegant, instinctive and thoughtful.

Bonsoir Paris Melting Wood Sculptures

These beautiful sculptures have an incredible shape and detail that show that wood no matter how sturdy it can be as a material can flow and imitate a melting structure of a burning candle. What do you think?

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