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Boguslaw Sliwinksi BS Toy Plates

Playful and fun tableware can be a great addition to the kitchen as well as the meal. Ceramic BS Toy Plates designed by Boguslaw Sliwinksi depict various kinds of transportation that brings food.

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Designer Boguslaw Sliwinksi has designed these playful BS Toy plates for making it more fun to eat and feed. BS Toy series of ceramic plates depict helicopter, truck, and other transportation around which the food can be arranged. That’s what makes it creative, playful and fun.

Boguslaw Sliwinksi BS Toy Plates

The BS Toy plates come in two sizes – 20.5 and 26cm. The depictions are sketched while the food brings in liveliness and color to the black and white scene. The playful tableware can also be an addition to the kitchen Thanks to the pictures depicted on them.

Playful BS Toy Plates:

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