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Berlin’s Air Raid Bunker Coverted Into Art Collector’s Home

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This Berlin’s Air Raid Bunker was converted and extended by Realarchitektur for art collection Christian Boros and his family. The bunker has 5 storeys and 3000m² of exhibition space. The extension was built on the roof to provide living space with natural lighting that comes through glass walls.

Berlin's Air Raid Bunker Coverted Into Art Collector's Home

The living space above includes a living area, dining and kitchen as well as shower and bathroom. Wooden wardrobe also serves as a space divider. Finishes are minimalist inlcuding concrete, wood and stone. In the bathroom and shower stone makes for textured walls and sturdy surfaces.

The rest of the space is occupied with art pieces from Boros’ collection. The interior arhitecture of the bunker was redesigned and restructured to make it appropriate for art exhibition. The new rooms that now contain art in the bunker weren’t renovated to preserve their historical look.

The bunker is connected with the roof house through the staircase and the elevator. The extension is surrounded with a terrace planted with trees.

Berlin’s Air Raid Bunker Coversion

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