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Award Winning Bed 42 by Manadaº

Multifunctional furniture takes new and new forms. The classic designs take on new shapes and twists whether to save space or provide multiple functions. Bed 42 is an award-winning design by Manadaº design studio.

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Bed 42 designed by Manadaº design studio is an unusual hybrid of a bed and a desk that has won an Interior Innovation Award 2012. The desk is hidden by the bed’s headboard which also functions as a divider for the sleeping and working area. A great solution for a bedroom home office.

Award Winning Bed 42 by Manadaº

Bed 42 is made of wood and was 100% handcrafted. The design is both interesting and functional. It looks classic yet the desk and the high headboard bring in the unexpected twist. The higher headboard also helps to hide a desktop from the sight.

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