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Atis Bench By Mikhail Belyaev

What can be better than enjoying the nature with a bit of comfort? The Atis Bench designed by Mikhail Belyaev is made to fit the slope near the park pond still allowing you to sit at the ground level.

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Inspired by the landscape of the rivers and lakes designer Mikhail Belyaev has designed an Atis Bench. A winner of the Perm Furniture Competition and Design and Design International Award. Mikhail Belyaev has designed an Atis Bench to fit the slopes near the park ponds so that people didn’t have to sit on the ground.

Atis Bench ‘Sits’ On Ground:

Atis Bench By Mikhail Belyaev

The Atis Bench has a nice recognizable shape and design only without the two back legs. Thus the bench gives a different experience to that of the conventional bench as it allows to sit closer to the water as well as closer to the ground. The award-winning bench design looks sleek and modern.

Atis Bench By Mikhail Belyaev

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