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Amazing Ceramic Sculptures by Mathew Chambers

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Mathew Chambers creates amzing ceramic sculptures experimenting with shapes and forms in the process. Made of ceramic Mathew Chambers’ sculptures feature unexpected lines and patterns. Intricacy and layering go through every sculpture changing from simple to more complex.

Amazing Ceramic Sculptures by Mathew Chambers

The dynamic within the usually round sculptures is created thanks to  ‘Inside Out’, approach perfected by Mathew Chambers for years. The structural forms and patterns are engaging and eye-drawing. Some of them look like flower buds, others are abstract and delicate. Experimenting with color Chamebers has added yellow, blue, green and red sculptures to his extensive collection.

Amazing Ceramic Sculptures by Mathew Chambers

Such beautiful sculptures do not only decorate the space but also draw the eye to linger and contemplate a little more exploring the details and admiring intricacy of the form and design.

Beautiul Ceramic Sculptures:

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