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Aesthetic Recycling: Lace by Milk Design

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There are many uses for empty glass jars but here is one very aesthetic created by Milk Design. Lace is an easy and very aesthetically pleasant way to recycle old glass jars and bottles and even plastic vessels. The ornate rubber sleeve transforms jars and bottles into beautiful vases.

Aesthetic Recycling: Lace by Milk Design

The Lace rubber sleeve fits vessels of various sizes and is available in two colors – white and black at $14.50. It is truly an aesthetic recycling as you get to reuse jars and bottles and get beautiful vases for interior decorating. Stemmed glasses can also be subject to such transformation.

Aesthetic Recycling: Lace by Milk Design

Milk Design was founded in 1998 by Chi-Wing Lee in Hong Kong. The studio bases its design approach on relation to people and daily life. Specializing on everyday designs the studio compares itself to milk – basic and simple but very wholesome thing.

Aesthetic Recycling: Lace by Milk Design

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