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Adorable Kitchen Jars by Thabto Design

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Meet Tom, Dick & Harry, they are adorable kitchen jars designed by Thabto design. Made if porcelain these cute jars are storing coffee, tea and sugar. In order to immediately figure out what’s in the jar just look carefully in their eyes and you’ll know. “T” there stands for tea and so on.

Adorable Kitchen Jars by Thabto Design

The jar shapes prompt convenient air-tight heads/lids. The jars are wide enough to fit a for easy use. They also look simply cute and fun. Besides you can store sweets, cookies and other such products there. The set of three jars costs £29.95, though currently sold out.

Though the evil version of this set is available at the same price only in black color. Lex, Seth & Carrie look like the Tom, Dick & Harry evil twins from the parallel universe. They too provide code letters to indicate tea, coffee and sugar.

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