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5 Awesome Design Concepts by Yury Dovganyuk

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The Russian designer Yury Dovganyuk creates awesome design concepts of various products from lighting to furniture. These design concepts are beautiful but some of them are probably hard to manufacture due to the complexity of design. For instance, the Tornado Lamps look splendid but their structure is quite intricate. The floor lamps imitate the natural phenomenon they were named after.

5 Awesome Design Concepts by Yury Dovganyuk

Ballare cups imitate the motion of dance hence looking very interesting with a carcass of twirling ceramic tentacles around them.

5 Awesome Design Concepts by Yury Dovganyuk

The Table concept is also intricate. It looks like some sea creature or shell with its openings, rounded forms and overall silhouette. In the concept the table is presented with a red modern chair that makes a good contrast with table.

5 Awesome Design Concepts by Yury Dovganyuk

Another awesome concept by Yury Dovganyuk is the seashell armchair. Combining the seashell shape and armchair properties the designer has created a statement piece that could be used in luxury and modern interiors bringing in the ocean theme.

5 Awesome Design Concepts by Yury Dovganyuk

The last design concept is that of the kinetic clock. The pointers around it come back and forth as the clock hands move each time creating a new form around the usual round clock form.

5 Awesome Design Concepts by Yury Dovganyuk

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