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45x Modular Bookcase by Gabi Małacha

Modular furniture is great at giving a place an instant makeover. It can change the look of the room and prompt different furniture arrangements. 45x is a modular bookcase by Gabi Małacha.

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This modular bookcase by Gabi Małacha is called 45x and it can be assembled into any shape. Made of modules the 45x can be assembled in the shape that will suit both your taste and decor. The modules can not only be arranged into various shapes but also at different angles.

45x Modular Bookcase by Gabi Małacha

modular bookcase is a great storage solution for a small-spaced home as the modules can be rearranged any minute for a quick and budge-wise makeover. A new shape creates a new look with a couple of other renewed elements of decor we get a fresh look for little money and time.

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