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3×3 Multifunctional Tables

The space is precious and the clutter looks unflattering so when it comes to design creators take that into consideration. 3x3 is three different-sized tables that can be grouped into one single coffee table that can easily be taken apart.

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3×3 is a group of tables designed by 3PATAS and are grouped together to save space in a home. The 3×3 was designed to serve multiple purposes. The 3×3 table can be used as a single coffee table or taken apart into three separate tables. The two smaller tables contained in the main table can be used for other things.

3x3 Multifunctional Tables

3×3 is easily grouped into one single coffee table when the other two table are not in use. And since a coffee table is a part of living room decor 3×3 can be used constantly without the need to store and hide away. The other two tables can be used for storing small things and while they’re in use the fruit bowls can cover the openings in the main table.

3x3 Multifunctional Tables

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