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36h 56h Seats by Fabio Novembre

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Outdoor furniture becomes more and more elaborate as the outdoor decor is as important as the indoor’s. The furniture can bring a special touch to the patio or a deck.

Fabio Novembre has designed 36h 56h seats for Driade. The seats have an unusual design and form. Made of an aluminum carcass the seats have big rounded backs which narrow into the sleek seats. The woven texture plastic makes it look light and weightless.

Unusual Creative Outdoor Seats:

36h 56h Seats by Fabio Novembre

36h 56h outdoor seats look interesting and unusual. The form and shape of the seats draw immediate attention so they can add a lot to an interesting patio decor. The 36h is an armchair while the 56h is a rocking chair. The 36h 56h seats come in gray, blue, and white colors.

36h 56h Seats by Fabio Novembre

36h 56h Seats by Fabio Novembre

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