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7 Ideas of Creating Library for Children

Young parents often ask the following question to a child psychologist: how to instill in a child a love of reading? Of course, we are not experts on parenting, but we can give our answer to the question: a children’s library should be in each kids room. After all, a fairy tale for a child begins even before he opens the book. We offer the seven useful interior solutions.

7 Ideas of How to Create Library for Children

Floor standing shelving

Floor standing shelving

Floor standing shelving

Small stable racks with wide shelves and drawers attached to them are the ideal solution, if you create a library for a baby. Toy box for all his personal belongings is also a great option.

Creative children’s furniture

A rack or a small table with shelves inside, or maybe a house for dolls? Furniture of original design always looks good in the kids room. The presence of moving parts and bright accents makes reading a fun game. Comfortable “cells” allow parents to organize the books.

Interior details

There are people who call books the best decor. This idea can be more than correct for the living room or the bedroom, but a kids room still needs more creative ideas. What about an original installation? For example, you can “plant” a bookcase in form of a tree.


These shelves are more like decoration elements, rather than functional furniture, but they are more relevant in the room of a child of preschool age.

By unobtrusive “showing” books to a child (change the “exhibits” several times a week), you teach him to love books, and maintain the order in the child’s room. Please note that in order to “showcase” was effective, fix it at eye level of the child.

Textile “pockets”

These colorful soft “shelves” can supplement a recreation area in the kids room. If the shelf with books is located at the bedside of the child, the preschooler will be distracted by the bright book covers.

If the primary storage of books will be in the study area, and a recreation area will have a few books (no more than 3-4), then reading before bed will be comfortable for a child.

Low shelving

The library of a book lover and collector is best to place on the rack with shelves and baskets (boxes): shelves are designed for storage of encyclopedias, textbooks, and baskets or boxes are used for periodicals.

Complementary furniture

If your son or daughter is lacking his or her personal space, then multifunctional furniture will solve this problem. For example, use a bed or chair with bookshelves.

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6 Play Zones for Children

Children play everywhere, and their imagination knows no boundaries. The task of parents is to organize space for the realization of these fantasies using discreet and unusual borders. See 6 simple ideas of play zones for kids

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Decorating Room for Newborn

If you are preparing to become a parent, this article will be especially interesting for you, as it is about how you can design a nursery for a newborn. And today we will tell you about the baby room for Liberty, whose mother, Katie Richardson, is an interior designer.

How to Decorate Room for Newborn

Liberty's room by Katie Richardson

Liberty’s room by Katie Richardson

Katie became a mother for the fourth time, so she knows exactly knows what to do to create the most comfortable conditions for a kid.

When she worked on the interior for the child, she was pregnant with baby Liberty. The first thing that Katie made was ​​ making sure that the room was light. To do this, she used white color. It is diluted by elements of green shade, wood and trendy Moroccan pouffe of genuine leather.

The second important point on which the expectant mother has emphasized is the natural materials. Here you can watch wood, leather, sheepskin, soft viscose coating.

Natural motifs found their place in decor items. One of them is a pot with a small evergreen tree. It is next to the changing table. By the way, its role is given to a six drawers dresser, on which there is another box for the newborn.

The dresser with a changing box

The dresser with a changing box

Kathy applied this technique with a certain reason. In her idea when the baby grows up, you can simply remove the box for swaddling from the dresser. It is convenient and practical.

A rocking chair here is provided for mom, where she can comfortably sit and quietly feed the baby or relax until the newborn falls asleep in the crib.

This room is not large, but due to the skillful use of space, use of bright colors, large windows and use of natural materials, it turned out in the newborn warm, filled with light and maternal love.

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5 Creative Ideas for Kids Rooms

Many parents agree that the creation of a place for a child, where he would be interested to learn, play, develop and grow, is a very important task. The environment of children has a huge impact on how they grow and develop, so parents are always trying to make a room for their children comfortable and fun as much as possible.

5 Creative Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

Descent to the playroom

Descent to the playroom 

We have tried to facilitate this difficult choice and provide you with 5 most interesting and unusual ideas for decorating your child’s room.

Pirate ship

American designer Steven Kuhl from Minnesota and his Kuhl Design Build studio developed a wonderful design of a kids room for 6 years old children in the style of a pirate ship. Children’s bedroom is done in blue tone with images of the fish and sharks on the walls to simulate water. The construction in the form of the ship is installed under the ceiling and is equipped with an observation deck, a rope bridge that can withstand even the adult, and the hidden descent into a cache on the second floor.

Secret room in the style of The Chronicles of Narnia

After watching The Chronicles of Narnia, many children would dream to enter the closet one day and find themselves in a fairy forest of the magic kingdom.

To implement this vision of your child, make a beautiful painted cabinet without back wall. Place it carefully right before the door to the children’s bedroom.

Spaceship Bed

This fantastic machine was built by Redditor and father Jeremiah Gorman for his son.  There is a  huge control panel under the bed. It is made out of actual discarded electrical equipment.

Descent to the playroom

If you have two or more floors in the house, you can implement this excellent idea. Make a quick and fascinating descent into a playroom for children. children and even adults will love this slide.

Secret room on the tree

And this idea is suitable, if there is a game room on the top floor. Children will be interested to climb to a room by the ladder, if the ladder will be fixed to the “fabulous tree” depicted on the wall and ceiling.

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Podium in Kid’s Room

Podium in kid’s room will look original and interesting. This interior detail will be appreciated not only by the children, but also by their parents. Picking the right podium for your children will allow you to create a playground for them. See the ways to design a kids’ room using podium

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How to Design Kids’ Room in Jungle Style

The most popular themes for young girls are princesses and fairies. Boys like the sea and cars. But if you think it’s trite, discover another interesting trend decor, inspired by the amazing world of Africa. Learn how to decorate Jungle style kids’room

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Color Scheme For Kid’s Room

Blue and pink are often used to decorate nurseries while kid’s rooms are commonly bright and colorful. Kid’s Room Color Scheme

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Kid’s Room Layout Ideas

Layout is essential to kid’s room as the room has to have all the necessary areas and zones for the kids. Kid’s Room Layout

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Traditional Kid’s Room Design Ideas

Traditional style is very common not only in living rooms and kitchens but throughout the house including the kid’s room. Kid’s Room Designs in Traditional Style

More Cool Ideas For Designing Playroom For Kids

There are many ways to create a cool playroom for kids. From custom structures to handmade tents playrooms can be transformed in all kinds of settings. Designing Playroom For Kids

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Modern Nursery Design Ideas

Modern nurseries are stylish and refined thanks to clean lines and cool colors. At the same time they can be colorful and fun. Modern Nursery Designs

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Shared Kid’s Room For Three And More Children

With more than two kids it can be challenging to design a kid’s room but there are always solutions that will efficiently use the space and resources you have. Kid’s Room For Three And More Children

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25 Nautical Kid’s Room Designs

Nautical theme is a popular one for kid’s rooms and nurseries so it’s easy to find decorations and furniture to create nautical theme. Nautical Kid’s Room Ideas

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Stylish Shared Kid’s Room For Girls

Designing shared kid’s room can be challenging but there are always creative ideas and design solutions to help with it. Stylish Shared Kid’s Room

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Stylish Boy’s Room Design Ideas

At any age kids will need their private space to live and study so it has to not only be functional but also stylish. Boy’s Room Design Ideas

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Dreamy Bedroom Design Ideas For Girls

A dreamy design for girl’s bedroom isn’t hard to create. Light colors, wispy fabrics and beautiful furniture all go well together. Interesting Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

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Twins’ Nursery Design Ideas

Twin nursery design can be created in many different styles and themes. Nursery Design Ideas For Twins

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Design Ideas For Small Teen Room

Lack of space in a small teen room can be solved in numerous ways without sacrificing the look and style. Small Teen Room Ideas

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Elegant Nursery Design Ideas

Elegant nursery doesn’t have to be very formal. It can be sweet and sophisticated at the same time. Elegant Nursery Designs

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Kids Rooms Design

Kids’ rooms can also help the kids develop and learn. InteriorHolic offers various decorating ideas for kids’ rooms that are not only beautiful but also beneficial and interesting not only for adults but also for kids themselves.