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How To Organize Garage Space

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A garage can often be a challenge to keep neat and clean and organized especially if it doubles as storage space. There are quite a few ways, though to keep clutter at bay and find additional space for storage. Before getting to organization part make sure all the things in the garage are at least somewhat useful, ideally they all should have purpose and be used regularly.

How To Organize Garage Space

Organize Your Garage

Wall Shelving

Shelving is a great way to keep things organized. Start from filling out the middle shelves with most often used objects like tools and car accessories. Just like in all good organized places keep the most useful objects at the hand’s reach. Fill the rest of the shelves with stuff that requires storage.

Organization System

If you have a lot of things to house in your garage but at the same time you really long for a clean neat look invest in an organization system with doors and shelves and maybe drawers that will keep the garage looking clutter-free and give it a clean crisp look.

Use Bike Racks

Having trouble storing bikes in the garage? Use bike racks and various other fixtures to keep them out of the way. They can be fixed to the walls or the ceiling thus saving the space in the garage.

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