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Goldee Home Lighting Control

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In the wake of the universal passion for “smart houses” the Goldee company has invented an intelligent home lighting control system called Goldee.The idea is that the system controls the lighting in the house according with human biorhythms.

Intelligent Home Lighting Control by Goldee

Goldee, intelligent home lighting control by Goldee, intensity of light

Goldee, intelligent home lighting control by Goldee, high intensity of light 

For example, it simulates sunrise when you need to get up, or gradually diminishes the intensity of light in the evening. At night it leaves enough light so that you could go into the kitchen without tripping over furniture. When no one is home the light automatically shuts off. However, if you are not at home for more than two days, the system will create the effect of the presence of the hosts: it will turn on and off the lights in rooms so that the empty dark house would not attract the attention of potential intruders.

Goldee, intelligent home lighting control by Goldee, low intensity of light

Goldee, intelligent home lighting control by Goldee, low intensity of light 

Goldee is controlled by gestures. Hold your hand near the black box and it will change the color or intensity of illumination. The system has a variety of preset lighting models, such as “Night in Paris”, “Shanghai mirage” or “Aurora.” Producers promise that the collection is constantly expanding and new models can be uploaded to the device. The Goldee can also be controlled by a smartphone (iPhone, Android).

The system can be installed instead of the normal light switch. All you have to do (besides installing) is to replace your light bulbs with the customized ones, which include Wi-Fi receivers. They are produced by LIFX, Philips hue and Ilumi. However, if you do not want to buy new bulbs, the old one will also work, but without the color effects.

Goldee, intelligent home lighting control by Goldee

Goldee, intelligent home lighting control by Goldee

If you make a reservation, the cost of the basic set (control system without bulbs) will be $279. The cost of the complete set of 4 control modules and 12 bulbs (pre-order) will be $1799. The release on the market is planned for summer 2014.

Currently the company is conducting a crowd funding campaign, which aims to raise $100,000. Instead of using the famous Kickstarter, the Goldee guys do it through their website.

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