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How to Clean Tile Floors

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Tile is loved for its smooth texture, wide design options and easily washed surface. There are however some things to keep in mind about cleaning the tile floors. Tile is quite easy to wash either it’s on floors or walls. But at the same time it should be done with care as abrasive cleansers and cleaning tools can scratch the smooth surface making it look dull. Today we’ll talk about how to clean ceramic and vinyl tile floors.

How to Clean Tile Floors

Regular sweeping helps remove all the dust and dirt that accumulates anywhere in the house. Vacuum cleaner should be used carefully without the beater bar that can scratch the tile. Mop tile floors with damp cloth and a cleanser recommended by a manufacturer or the one that you found works best for your ceramic or vinyl tile floors.

When washing tile floors or walls avoid leaving water drops as they have a tendency to make tiles look dull and dirty when they dry up. Bleach or ammonia can only be used to clean vinyl tile floors but not ceramic tiles. These products can decolor ceramic tile.

Textured tile floors can be quite difficult to clean using regular tools. Use a soft brush and a special cleanser to clean texture tiles. Some cleansers can leave residue and contribute to wax build-up so mop the floors with clean water after using cleanser to remove cleanser and finish by wiping it with clean dry cloth to remove all the water drops and stains. If this is too much work you can use self-cleaning cleansers to help you keep tile floors clean without much effort.

Furniture and sharp cleansing tools can damage both kinds of tiles. It might be a good idea to use protectors for furniture to avoid scratching the tiles, matts and rugs also can help avoid tile damage. Keep sharp objects away from the vinyl tile floors as they can cut the thin vinyl tiles.

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