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This Is A Place Where Obamas Will Live After White House

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Obamas have already found a home to move into after they vacate the White House for the new president and their family. The property is a $5,295,000 private gated mansion that was built in 1928 and boasts 8,200 square feet and nine bedrooms.

There are also a laundry and a dressing room, two studies, plenty of seating space and a spacious backyard.

The interior is done in a traditional luxury style and lots of grey tones. Some rooms are done in white and most of the furnishings come in neutral color schemes.

The property is surrounded with trees and plenty of greenery, which adds a bit more privacy to it. The first family plans to lease it till their youngest daughter graduates from school.

Obamas Will Live In A Mansion After White House

Obamas mansion

Obamas mansion gates

Obamas mansion backyard

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