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Stable Converted Into Home

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There are different home designs and home design solutions. The repurposing of the buildings is one of the ways of acquiring a home. This abandoned stable in Extremadura, Spain is now a family home with a traditional stone exterior and a contemporary style interior design. Designed by Ábaton Architects the converted stable is another building in our selection of conversions.

Stable Turned Into Home

Stable Converted Into Home

The spacious estate looks organic in its green environment filled with pasture-like lawns and trees. The architects’ goal was to renovate and convert the stable in a way respectful toward environment.

The house also had its problems that needed to be solved. Electricity and water supply were provided by Abaton sustainable system which includes installation of solar panels with storage batteries for the summer and the turbines that use the two streams that go through the estate to provide electricity for the winter.

Stable Converted Into Home

The house includes several bedrooms one of which is furnished with the bunks beds. The other two pictured bedrooms feature a glass wall that opens the views of the green surroundings.

The living room is open to the outside views from both sides. One of the sides opens up to the water wells thanks to a big glass window. Another water pool sits in front of but a bit lower than the house.

The side of the house is equiped with the two storey stable doors letting in the wind and the natural light. This makes the interior so bright and airy. Also thanks to the white color scheme the home is filled with the light that reflects from the walls. The interior finishes include light wood, concrete, metal frames, and stone tiles.

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