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Unique ‘Folded’ Apartment

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‘Folded’ apartment designed by architects Javier Garcia and Hector Ruiz-Velazquez for G&R Studio is interesting and unique. The 49 m² room provides space for a kitchen, bedroom, living area, and bathroom all in one room. Architects have managed to divide space without making it look boxy with an additional open architectural detail.

Unique 'Folded' Apartment

The room is divided by a white wooden structure in the center of the room that creates additional space for a bedroom on a second level. The structure looks futuristic and unique as it adds angular lines and detail to the apartment. The first level of structure is an open living area that’s connected with a kitchen stand and the technology for cooking, washing, and eating. The second bedroom level is on the top of the structure with a small staircase. The bathroom is located behind the kitchen and the ‘folded’ structure.

‘Folded’ apartment interior design is modern with hint of industrial due to its displayed pipes and chapped ceiling paint. The ‘folded’ structure gives it a futuristic touch. What do you think about this architectural solution to space-enhancement?

Unusual ‘Folded’ Apartment Architecture:

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